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Yiff Lounge is a furry hangout in Second Life owned by Ana (zian.dragovar). It has an area to hang out, AFK sex area, beach, and private rooms. Yiff Lounge also offers special status to members, known as Patrons, that wish to support the upkeep monetarily by allowing them a portion of prim resources for them to decorate around the lounge, having removed the rental system after moving to a smaller parcel and downgrading from their full region. They offer a secure, fun environment that most everybody can come to enjoy.


Yiff Lounge has a very simple list of rules that are easy to follow.

  • Harassment, defined as anything intended to attack certain individuals or groups via Local Chat or Voice Chat, will not be tolerated. However, staff will not be involved in private arguments. If you don't like someone or disagree with them, block them.
  • Roleplay that is particularly disturbing will not be allowed, and will need to be taken to private messages. This includes, but is not limited to: scat, vore, gore, and blood. If you think it will disturb others, keep it private.
  • If you wear an avatar that is designed to be obnoxious or offensive, you may be contacted by staff to change your avatar. This includes, but is not limited to: trolling avatars, flashy lights, glitched mesh, strobes, or anything staff deems a violation. Avatars that appear underage are allowed provided that they are not wearing any attachments or clothing that may be deemed sexual.
  • Avoid spamming chat, gestures, or sounds. If it's constant and annoying visitors, turn it off. Rezzing particles that spam the lounge are not permitted. This also includes using an open microphone. If your microphone gives feedback, static background, or is picking up background sounds constantly, you will be asked to turn on the Push-To-Talk function. Failure to comply will result in a kick.
  • Private rooms are just that, private, and are not to be used for purposes other than cuddling or sex and may not be occupied while idle, for longer than 4 hours, OR at the discretion of staff. Entering a room OR spying knowingly without permission and refusing to leave when asked will be considered a violation and seen as harassment.
  • No unapproved advertisements for other areas or non-escorting services here. This includes sending out unsolicited group invitations, marketing, sales, items, gachas, etc... You cannot advertise it in our group or sim without permission. Escorting services ARE permitted with the exception of group and local chat advertising. In other words, wear an escorting tag of some sort not associated with another location. We do provide one

A more detailed and up-to-date notecard can always be made available in the lounge landing area.


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