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YiffCo Database was a free, dynamically coded site using early CGI scripting which indexed, linked, and categorized the contents of several 3rd party art archives, including the Velan Central Library (precursor to the current VCL run by Brian Antoine), FurNation, Avatar, etc., providing a convenient user interface to them. Its lifespan was shortlived as in 1998, it was shut down out of frustration by its owner, Lycan, after complaints from one of its users. Personal information was unknowingly disclosed by the user and made public. The user attributed following identification fraud and harassment to the disclosed information.

The site was very much ahead of its time in its technological capabilities. These days, much of the technologies used to write the database and backend have been outmoded by use of PHP and mySQL as opposed to proprietary executable server-side includes and CGI applets.

Upon expiration, the domain was subsequently purchased by Tursi in 1999 as a personal site for himself and Foxxfire Crump. He allowed the registration to lapse in 2004 and it is currently occupied by squatters.

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