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The Yerf newsgroups were a Usenet-like hierarchical set of chat groups created to provide Yerf members and non-affiliated users with specific topic areas, protected from the rest of Usenet (in short, the same reasons for which the Furrynet hierarchy was created).

The news server came online in early 1999, after parting ways with the old server. Help was provided by Tugrik d'Itichi, who facilitated the allocation space for the Unix machine hosting it, plus the necessary bandwidth to run it, while SmackJackal and Revar provided hardware and personnel support. Scotty Arsenault was in overall charge, after taking over Ratman's duties (he would be endowed with the title of "Honorable Founder" for the work he committed to the project up to this point). Later on, Dingo and Dusty were added to the staff.

This server, and the groups contained within, were used to discuss matters relating to both Yerf artists, visitors, and the furry community in general in a civil forum (in theory - their opinion, not WikiFur's). There was little moderation, and many flamewars broke out over issues of Burned Fur alignment and personal drama, but there were also fun bandwagons wherein the artists would draw their characters reacting to other Yerf artists' characters.

The newsgroups ceased operations in July 2002, being retired in favor of a web forum format. The intention of archiving the old newsgroup postings "in the near future" were put on hold, then permanently shelved with the crash, on December 27, 2004, of the Yerf main server, resulting in the total loss of all data, including the archived news server.


  • Original server:
  • Moved to:


  • yerf.admin - for topics regarding Yerf's rules, administration, and maintenace.
  • yerf.yap - for miscellaneous news and info about Furry fandom, or life in general, readers may find of interest. Debate was encouraged, but flaming was not acceptable. Posts that crossed that line and/or would offend people outright would get removed.
  • yerf.binary - for posting pictures from Yerf and non-Yerf artists, which included pictures that might not be acceptable for Yerf in one way or another. (i.e. "Humans," "Fan art," "Bandwagon pictures," etc,) with the exception of sexual or violent illustrations, which were deleted on sight.
  • yerf.recent - for the critique of pictures that were on No binaries were allowed here.
  • yerf.test - testing ("One, two, three,...")

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