Yellow Eyes

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Yellow Eyes cover art (2001 edition)

Yellow Eyes by Rutherford Montgomery tells the story of a young cougar cub orphaned in the mountains. His siblings are killed by the hunter Cougar George and his pack of dogs. Yellow Eyes grows to adulthood and learns to avoid the hunters, escape traps, fight off hunter's dogs, and eventually takes a mate, the Golden One.

About the author[edit]

Rutherford Montgomery wrote more than 50 books about the animals, culture, and landscape of the American West. Some of his other books include Gray Wolf, Broken Fang, Carcajou, Husky, and Wapiti.

Publication history[edit]

  • Originally published in 1937 by Caxton Printers.
  • 1957 paperback edition by Tab
  • Assorted Scholastic editions in the 1960s and 1970s in paperback and book club edition. Scholastic edition illustrated by Farrell Collett.
  • Most recent printing is with Caxton Classics March 2001. Illustrated by L.D. Cram. ISBN 0870044176