Yellow Dog Club

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Yellow Dog Club
Ydc logo.jpg
Author(s) Owners: Brown Leopard
  • Primary webmaster: Brown Leopard
  • Secondary webmaster: Zero Photofox
Status Offline
Launch date July 2009
End date Confirmed closed 5/17/2012
Genre Furry Portal

The Yellow Dog Club was a furry portal website run by Brown Leopard and Zero Photofox that came online in July of 2009. The portal includes forums, an image hosting site, and a growing resource list of furry links. The Yellow Dog Club has been verified offline as of 5/17/2012.


The YDC forums sport a wide variety of categories, including current events, furry topics, art, gaming, and even state-by-state areas to organize meets and chat about the goings on in various areas with local furries. The forums were the first section of the site to launch, and continue to be the base of its operations. YDC's forums also sport a large game section, where members can play a variety of flash games and compete against their fellow members for a high score.

Image hosting[edit]

New[when?] to Yellow Dog Club is its image hosting gallery. Any user who creates an account on the forums automatically gains access to their own image gallery, where they can submit their latest artwork or photos.