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Year of the Fox (or Kit for short) is a bespectacled writer and artist, appearing somewhat under the furry radar in early 2008. His artwork primarily deals in traditional furry art, with minor branches in Pokemon, micro, and fanart based on cartoons. He is also a non-professional photographer. His writing is his primary means of opening his mind to the masses, and is themed around Pokemon and transformation, with a branch into macro.


Despite what his user handle may imply, his online fursona is a 5'0" feline furry, domestic shorthair species. It is capable of shifting form to a female known as Kat. His female form shares a same lean body type as the male counterpart, the main contrast being in measurements and clothing type. Both forms have hair the same long, waist-length black hair with red streaks, a noticeable green bang, and tan/dirty blond fur. One of the most outstanding features would be heterochromia: his right eye is blue, while his left is violet. As a result of training, he is capable of extending the power of the transformation to clothing and accessories, though is restricted to only transforming himself. Both forms are capable of shrinking or growing another object (animate or inanimate) upon contact in a move dubbed 'The Shrinking Touch' (a name he derived from the Trauma Center videogame's move 'Healing Touch'), a power he obtained from long-time friend Sparky the Chu. Both forms are able to produce an array of candy entitled 'Kit's Kandies', which are quite delicious, but have different transformation-oriented effects. It is unknown whether the candies obtain their effects from ingredients used, or whether he personally injects them with some form of supernatural abilities, but the candies are near-indistinguishable from their corporation-based counterparts when unwrapped. Both forms are also trained in Jeet Kune Do and French kickboxing, with a specialization in Bo Staff training. The fighting style is modeled after Spike Spiegal of Cowboy Bebop.

His 'Kat' form is a result of experiments in transformation; namely, his attempts to widen his power capabilities by obtaining the powers to change others at will. A rather early attempt backfired on himself, leaving him in a female form. By the time he was able to revert, he had grown used to this new form, and for that reason, managed to develop the ability to change between the two forms (first by poking his index fingers together and concentrating, then by sheer force of will). The backfiring of the attempt caused him to realize he was unable to adequately perform the procedure (the potential there likely taken up by the growth/shrinking power). What little he did have, he was able to somehow apply to the 'Kit's Kandies', and in that way, somewhat allowed him to overcome the restrictive barrier placed upon him with minimal drawbacks.


His artistic style consists of art created almost entirely in Flash (there have been three rare exceptions where he has uploaded art, hand-drawn). Due to a lack of funds, he has worked off of two trial versions of Flash MX 2004 (a time he refers to as his 'Golden Age of Art', which occurred between February 11th and April 1st of 2009) though he hopes to one day own that particular version of Flash. He mixes a sprite shading technique known as 'Pillow Shading' along with traditional shading to make the colors in his work more vibrant, and the image as a whole, less flat.

His writing is his self-proclaimed 'claim to fame'. He has a great amount of pride in what he writes, despite his constant claiming that 'it could be better' or 'it's not that great'. To-date he has written two series (Journey Through the Darkness and Restore, Restart, Quit - Pokemon Edition), and a one-shot macro story (Data) that placed second in Sparky the Chu's 2008 Macro/Micro Pokemon and Digimon Art/Writing contest. He had previously written on a specific type of lined paper, and always in a specific type of pen (which he believed to be good luck), and would later transfer what he had written to the computer. He has since broken that tradition due to the labor involved in doing so, and now writes straight to computer.

Real life[edit]

Outside of the world of the internet, he is an average human, with a wide collection of anime, videogames, LPs, manga and miscellaneous objects. He is a self-described Poke-Card Nerd, with over 1000 different cards from over seven different series. While most desire to 'catch 'em all' in the games, his goal is to 'catch 'em all, in card form'. He currently resides in California.

Major Works[edit]

He is currently working on Restore, Restart, Quit - Pokemon Edition interactive stories, but maintains the majority of his focus on and ongoing fanfic Journey Through the Darkness.

He us currently working with Kukilunestar to make a full comic based off of Journey Through the Darkness, with one piece of concept art already posted.


Journey Through the Darkness: A pokemon-based fanfic started in August 2008. It is a to-date far 8-part piece of writing themed slightly in transformation. It is about an expert computer hacker under the name of Nathaniel Williams whose attempts to take down Team Rocket's base in Kanto is met with unforeseeable circumstances. The fanfic deals with him and his exploration of the world of pokemon with a companion, aided by largely unseen forces.

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