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Yasashii ("Gentleness") is an anthropomorphic husky character in Timothy Albee's Kaze: Ghost Warrior. Yasashii is a beloved employee of Itsua in his tavern, and is close to Miuchi.

Yasashii is grabbed by Yashin and held hostage in the Ghost Warrior pilot, with a blade to his throad, to bait Kaze. Kaze, in turn, grabs Yashin, freeing Yasashii from his clutches.

Yasashii is terrified by the incident, though it seems this sort of bullying and terrorizing has become the norm, more and more, by lands subjugated by Lord Soshi. Itsua, with a kind and gentle heart, gave Yasashii a couple of nights off with pay -- especially generous considering how thin Itsua's profits running the tavern had become thanks to Soshi's Enforcers coming around more and more often to demand payment, and he made sure Yasashii was seen safely home by Miuchi.

Yasashii was not voiced in the original Kaze: Ghost Warrior pilot. He was patterned after Albee's real life canine companion, PeterPan.