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Yakeo Pose, drawn by Marci McAdam
Yakeo Himself

Yakeo or Yakeo Wolf (born February 5, 1980)[1] is a French wolfdog from south of France.

Yakeo is a writer, though his works aren't widely known. He is working on a long project, writing a space opera story called "Mysterya", not finished yet. He can be seen in his fursuits, made by Brokken T. Wolf,[2] and a fox-husky-hybrid named Apollo, who was constructed by Latin Vixen and formally belonged to his mate Xavier. Yakeo's other character is a chocolate husky named Hanko. Yakeo can be found at various furry conventions, such as Eurofurence, FWA, Further Confusion and Franfurence.

His interests include computers, drawing, animals, wolf, huskies, foxes, aeronautics, astronomy, watching good movies, traveling, furcons, animation, science fiction, travelling, and basketball.


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