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Y ?.gif
Author(s) Chad "Chewdy" Burbidge
Update schedule hiatus
Launch date 07/08/2004
End Date 24/07/2006
Genre Realistic Fiction
Web MA

Y? (often spoken as "Y question mark", not simply "Y") is a furry comic by artist Chad "Chewdy" Burbidge about lesbians living in this day and age. The strip began on August 7th, 2004, and apparently went on hiatus in 2006. The author is currently on hiatus, and all associated websites have been removed. Though Chewdy has finished the comic in 7 parts, he has expressed a desire to publish the comic in book form rather than continue to post it online.[1] The comic is rated mature due to sexual and drug content.

About the comic[edit]

Promotional Picture for Y?

Unlike other furry comics about homosexuality, Y? isn't purely about homosexuality, sex, or society's perceptions thereof. While it contains sex it is never explicitly shown, and in fact appears very rarely. The primary focus is on the nature of the character's personalities, and the ways in which they interact with one another. The strip focuses heavily on dialogue and interaction, and has very realistic dialogue. The strip is also drawn in a distinctive "scratchy" style, and colored only in shades of blue and black, making it visually unique. The style of drawing in the strip has changed several times, becoming more detailed and stylized in each reinterpretation.


The comic centers around Sam, an unemployed, overweight twenty-something who, when she's first introduced, just finished her first act of sex with a lesbian, a woman named Adrian. They enjoy being together and begin a friendship, going out the next morning for food. Later, Sam blows her friends off to hang out with Adrian more. Since Adrian is going to the bar to meet with some old lesbian friends of her's, it help introduce some of the other characters featured in the comic: Terry, Emma, Jen, Lara, and Jacket. As the story progresses, the characters go through life and deal with the problems of the real world, but have each other for support. At current, Adrian has chosen to go on the road to visit old friends, leaving Sam alone with her newfound friends.


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