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YRB is a magazine published bi-monthly by Yellow Publications.

YRB #45[edit]

YRB issue 45 extreme includes a piece titled "Furries" (on the cover and the first page of the piece itself; the table of contents lists it as "Puttin on the Fur: Furries".

The piece includes a column of text, beginning with the sentence "In the late 1990's an unusual group appeared on the scene- Furries. Sometimes referred to as Plushophiles but always cuddly, fuzzy and warm."[1] All the pages in the piece (the piece is on pages 63-69) show photographs by Ken Thurlbeck.

The piece also says "In an on going photo essay, Thurlbeck calls, The Furry series, he intends to show-case both the men and women that partake in this odd behavior."[1]. The piece has bad grammar and incorrect spelling of "ongoing".


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