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YCH media layout (pre-auction). Art by adriofthedead.

YCH, also known as an YCH Auction[1] or Prepose auction,[2] is a furry art term/acronym for "Your Character Here".


YCH is a type of art auction that entails offering people the chance to bid or buy a roughly sketched area in a preset piece of media (paper, electronic or other), that outlines a, normally single and humanoid, shape. Winning the auction allows the buyer to have a character, persona, and/or fursona drawn and depicted in that specific area and pose.

The acronym TCBY (This Could Be You)[3] is also used sometimes to describe this type of art auction/offer.

Limitations and allowances[edit]

Normally, the character is constrained to the artist's specified rough sketched set pose, with set characters and backgrounds. Artists may offer more open character slots, themes, and their inclusion of their original characters.[4]


YCH auctions follow the normal payment options of art auctions and commissions.


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