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Yiff: The Card Game (Y:TCG) is a furry-themed card game. The cards show furry characters, often nude, aroused and/or in some form of bondage, and was demonstrated to popular acclaim during Conifur Northwest 2003.

A full deck consists of 160 cards, although typically fewer (a multiple of 40) are used in play at one time. Some cards demonstrate the various kinks present in the furry fandom (and elsewhere), while others demonstrate a variety of popular species. Higher-value cards include such fandom celebrities as Caitian, 2, Zig Zag and Micah Fennec.

Did you know? The site was linked as Something Awful's Awful Link of the Day for 16 September 2003.


Quote from website:

...the premise is simple: YTCG is a card game in which you and an opponent lay cards down, using modifiers and scenarios in aide to your fur-cards, in hopes to be the first player without fur-cards in your paw... the point being to pair all of your fur-cards in a yiff.

The rules are in fact quite complex, focussing on four main qualities:

  • Passion
  • Exhibitionism
  • Romance
  • Kink

Flash cards (instant responses) and beadspreads (per-turn modifiers) can be used to alter the state of play in a player's favour. Used cards are disposed of on The Couch.




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