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Y!gallery logo.jpg
Author(s) Founder: ?
Status Online
Launch date February 13, 2005 - Mid 2016
End date July 11, 2016 -
Genre Art gallery
Web NC-17

Y!gallery, also known as Y!g or Y!gal, formerly as y!Gallery and y!hosting Gallery, is a themed gallery related to illustrations and stories of homosexual male relationships. The "Y" in "Y!gallery" stands for yaoi, a Japanese term for such type of relationships.


Y!gallery was one of two popular sites founded as an alternative to SheezyArt after it banned all adult-related artwork from its site in January 2005 (the other being Fur Affinity). Y!gallery aimed at creating a place to appreciate the human male form and male sexuality, and as such, females must not be a featured portion or the central part of any media submission.

The site suffered repeated downtime in 2013, and in November 2015 its security was breached, resulting in downtime and data loss.[1] A backup was found, and the site was restored a few days later; however, the situation repeated in July 2016. After initially announcing redeployment of the November 2015 backup,[2] staff announced that "the database has been lost" and that they would close the site and deploy a planned revamp dubbed yG2 as a "fresh start",[3] with no immediate timescale for completion.[4]

Transgender content allowed[edit]

In August of 2020, Y!gallery staff announced changes to the rules defining what gender/d characters can be posted on the gallery. After holding a (somewhat divisive) poll on their Discord, the majority ruled in favor of expanding the definitions in the ToS to include non-traditionally male characters. The relevant ToS entries regarding these changes are 1.b and 1.c which can be found below for clarification.

  • 1. Sex & species
    • b. Transgender characters (transmasc) may show unclothed breasts or vaginas on the yaoi gallery and are not bound by Rule 1c as long as the work is tagged and filtered as such.
    • c. All non-transgender characters must not be stylized in a manner that could be mistaken for female. Characters that are especially feminine in appearance must display at least one male characteristic. For more information see this FAQ article.


Y!gallery and furry[edit]

Until May 2006 to Jan 2009, Y!gallery allowed anthropomorphic characters within it, as long as they followed the same submission rules as to male human art. Animals without sufficient human features to be labeled as "anthropomorphic" were not allowed as the sole character (or characters) in a piece of artwork.

Y!gallery's guidelines for determining true anthropomorphism were as follows:

  • Bipedal
  • Opposable thumbs
  • Human-like facial expression
  • Visible eyebrows

To be considered an anthropomorph, and not an animal, the site moderators required that characters should contain at least 3 of these 4 criteria. Anything that does not contain 3 of these 4 criteria may still be anthropomorphic, but it could not be posted without checking with a moderator first.

A group of furry artists had made their presence known within Y!gallery prior to the May 2006 ban on anthropomorphic animals, including Micah Fennec, Turbine Divinity, Brian Wear, Monsieur Le Eh, Artdecade, Whitefire, Strider Orion, Guppy, Inuneko, and K-9. Places of furry interest within the site included the Anthropomorphics and Furry Pride clubs. The presence of these artists and groups after the anthropomorphic ban is uncertain.

Banning of Anthropomorphic art[edit]

Main article: Banning of Anthropomorphic Art (Y!gallery)

Anthropomorphic art ban lifted[edit]

In January 2009, Y!galley administers lifted the Furry art ban and allowed Anthropomorphic art to be submitted to the site again, with strict guidelines of what is permitted and what is not.[5] Some furries[citation needed] have criticized these guidelines as "biased and bizarre", with a few even suspecting that it was a desperate stunt from Y!gallery to increase attendance and declining donations (the site at the time already owed more then $200, with another $200 being deducted on Jan, 23rd, 2009). Nonetheless, in the two days since the furry art ban was lifted, members donated more than $400.[citation needed]

Restrictions eased in regards to furry genitalia[edit]

As of November 2020, Y!gallery staff has eased the restrictions on non-human genitalia, further broadening the furry content that can be posted without prior modification. The news posting that announced the change can be found at Non-human Penises (Y!g News).


On April Fools 2006, Y!gallery announced that it would henceforth be known as "DeviantArt Adult", and changed the site theme to match.


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