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Xylem (born 1993), is a furry artist, fursuiter, fursuit maker, and biologist from Boise, Idaho, USA. [1]


Xylem is a evolutionary plant biologist and studies the adaptive capacity of tropical plants to respond to climate change, with a special focus on phylogenomics. [2]


Xylem's fursona is a fawdox (also known as fAWDox, plural fawdoxes; a fictional hybrid between a species of fox (animals in the genus Vulpes) and the African Wild Dog (also known as the Painted Dog Lycaon pictus), which sports brownish-red, black, white, and sparkly-black tinsel fur, who is particularly fond of Pandanus fruit and tropical drinks. [3]


The fawdox's species name is a portmanteau of AWD (shorthand for "African Wild Dog") and Fox. [4]


Fawdoxes generally express the distinctive coloration of their Lycaon pictus pictus (L. pictus) side, where individuals possess entirely unique, asymmetrical coat patterns of brown, black, and white markings (with the muzzle always black), and their ears are generally large and rounded like those of L. pictus, however, they have the long, fluffy tails characteristic of Vulpes. If it is part red fox (V. vulpes) the fawdox will have the black stockings characteristic of that species. [5]


Fawdoxes are highly social creatures and engage in the sneeze voting characteristic of L. pictus, whereby pack decisions are made collectively. [6] [7]


Fawdoxes use both the "chi chi" noises of their L. pictus ancestry and Foxish of their Vulpes ancestry. [8]


Xylem has been drawing furry art since he was an undergraduate in college, with his first furry character being himself reimagined as a member of the Samurai Pizza Cats, but wearing armor inspired by that worn by the Night Watch in the eponymous Terry Pratchett novel. [9]


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