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Xiolin is an furry who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. As of November, 2010, he lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

Xiolin started to get involved in the furry fandom in 2007, but was not fully involved until 2008.


Xiolin's fursona is a Bengal Tiger/Fox hybrid. He has black base fur, and rainbow stripes. His tail is the inverse of that, having rainbow base fur and black stripes. His tail is a lot fluffier (and a lot softer) than a tiger tail, but it is not fully a fox tail.

He also has a white chest, a white underside, and very soft, white paws.


In real life, Xiolin goes to college at the University of Memphis, where he is majoring in Criminal Justice/Criminology. He plays recreational soccer, volleyball, and is also a soccer referee. Xiolin's interests include art (particularly sketching and drawing).

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