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Xial Lunashine (J. Hobley) is the current maintainer of The Pixelechoes Network, a tiny site off in the corner of the internet. Xial is a fanatical WordPress user, with several blogs powered by the software installed for various projects.

What is Xial?[edit]

Xial is hermaphrodite vixen, and has been so for several years. Unlike many, Xial is a chubby fur, but not excessively so. Also as a bend of the rules, Xial tends to stick to a more normalized body frame, without the seemingly expected Doug Winger-like proportions that come with the gender bender.

Xial has also been spotted on Tapestries as a female giraffe.

When is Xial?[edit]

Xial was not the only name that this person has used. When Xial first entered fandom airspace, Xial did so as Garnath, in 1998, via the newsgroup alt.fan.dragons. Garnath was originally what could be described as a knockoff of Anne McCaffrey's Pernese dragons.

At the end of 2000, Garnath withdrew from the fandom for a short period of time, for personal reasons. A few months later, he returned as Stormis, a light blue fox, but due to namespace collisions and other reasons, his name soon changed to Xial Araiya Lunashine, which has stuck since.

Where is Xial?[edit]

  • Physically: 27.873362, -82.502517
  • Mentally: Outer space.
  • Spiritually: Agnostic.

Across the Internet[edit]

Xial participates in a number of games, or connects to services.

  • LiveJournal
    • xial
      • This journal was used for a while, but Xial began to refuse to post his thoughts to LiveJournal after a number of gripes to their support department that included complaints over their HTML output, along with the lack of decent flexibility to users without paying extra.
    • xial_wp
      • This journal is a syndicated version of his weblog (see below for link).
    • pxnet.pixelechoes.net
      • This is an OpenID account that Xial has switched to. Xial is waiting on a PHP consumer for WordPress so that he can finally delete his LiveJournal account in favor of the OpenID.
  • Second Life
    • Araiya Bomazi.
      • He's often found hanging around at [secondlife://Solway/150/100 Solway, 150, 100], on his own property.
      • He may also attend various events, excluding Best * type events.
  • Kingdom of Loathing
    • ManOLub
      • Primary character; Accordion Thief currently on his first Hardcore Ascension.
    • Lew Eegi
      • Part of the Man Triumvirate; Pastamancerer who was used primarily for generating pasta dishes for ManOLub.
    • Effyu Ceekay
      • Was part of the Man Triumvirate. Her account was purged for unknown reasons; Sauceror who was primarily used for generating pasta dishes for ManOLub, as well as quick income through the sale of scrumptious reagents, an item needed for creating certain pasta dishes at the time.
  • Anarchy Online
    • Araiya, on Rimor (Rubi-Ka 2).
      • Xial doesn't play this game very often, as he doesn't like playing by himself.
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