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Xevian's own-built fursuit.
Xevian's Merkindesr built fursuit.

Xevian (born August 3, 1980)[1] is a Barbary Lion fursuiter who is from Farnborough in Hampshire in the south of England[1]. He lived with his mate Polara in Orlando, Florida for three years, but had to reluctantly return to England due to visa issues.

Xevian owns three fursuits depicting his fursona. The first he constructed himself, debuting his work at Further Confusion 2007[2] but is now retired. The second suit he bought off Furbid and this suit was made by Merkindesr of Hidden-Arts.[3]. A third fursuit depicting an updated fursona based off his Second Life avatar was constructed by Faruku and debuted at Confuzzled 2014.

Xevian has previously attended Further Confusion and Eurofurence but now can mostly be seen at Confuzzled. He also may have been spotted at LondonFur Meet and can also be found on Second Life under the name Xevian Wake[4].

Used to run the Serengeti Furry Club on Second Life.


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