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Xenophilia, also known as xenophily, is literally an attraction to or love of, that which is in foreign, manners, cultures, and customs. In modern usage, it generally refers to a social or sexual attraction to cultures, lands, or beings that are different from one's native experience. In science fiction, it can also mean sexual attraction to aliens.


The word is a modern coinage from the Greek xenos and philia, though the word itself is not found in classical Greek. Xenophilia is the opposite of xenophobia.

Xenophilia and furry[edit]

In the furry fandom, this paraphilia defines the sexual attraction to furry characters. While this desire may be confused with bestiality and zoophilia, the primary difference from those paraphilias is anthropomorphism, the addition of human-like abilities and characteristics, such as high-level reasoning and/or an upright form.

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