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Author(s) Founders: Serena and Federico Panella
Status Offline
Launch date January 2000
End date July 5, 2006
Genre Media/social community
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Xenographia, art by Vanessa Santato.

Xenographia was an Italian furry art gallery. Although based in Italy, it hosted a small group of non-Italian furry artists.


Initially a personal site for Italian artists Serena and Federico Panella (the artist behind the webcomic Vixine), they were approached by other Italian artists for permission to have their art showcased there, until it grew into the entity known as Xenographia.

Services and resources[edit]

The site contained several hosted artist's web pages, several comics, and useful and fun resources. A built-in store provided access to tangible goods such as art folios or color prints.

The site's forum was shared by both Xenographia and the Italian furry community Furry.it.



Xenographia is actually the name for the site's "mascotte" (Italian for "mascot") a Romanic era dressed female vixen.

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