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The Xeno-Anthros Podcast (XAP, pronounced "ZAP") is a discussion and entertainment online audio show freely available to all community members of SciFiFur.net. It is a podcast directed by SciFiFur.net staff member SliceOfDog. At the time of writing the expected release of the first episode is TBA.


XAP contains a diversity of content from discussion and news through to music and audio drama. Every member of SciFiFur.net is invited to suggest and submit content which relates to the furrydom, sci-fi or even if it is just custom content they have created and would like a platform to share it. Two areas XAP will always be looking for contributors for are voice actors and musicians.

Uplink Modules[edit]

To increases efficiency and ease production times for individual projects the entire podcast is composed of different modules called "uplinks". Each uplink is associated with a different part of the podcast, from reviews and heated debate through to showcasing musical talents found in the Furrydom. Below is a list of the currently accepted uplink modules but new ones can be added at any time.

Uplink Alpha[edit]

The host of Uplink Alpha is TBA. It will serve as the intro, episode synopsis and include light news/discussion as well as providing a backdrop for introduction of content submitted by contributors and listeners.

Uplink Beta[edit]

Uplink Beta serves as the bulk of special articles, reviews and discussion about any given subject of the episode. Contributors include: OdinAshcroft.

Uplink Delta[edit]

Uplink Delta showcases musical talents from the furrydom. Any genre and any furry musician is welcome to contribute but the spacier the better. The host of this part of XAP is presently TBA. Contributors are always welcome.

Uplink Gamma[edit]

Uplink Gamma is where video games are discussed, reviewed or just immortalized in a wave of nostalgia. It is run by Daryn, and will potentially be styled as a talk-show, discussing games in a group.

Uplink Tau[edit]

Uplink Tau was initially intended to be a portion of the show devoted to works of furry sci-fi fiction but is now being remodeled as a pseudo-fiction newscast.

Uplink Lambda[edit]

Uplink Lambda is quite possibly the largest and most demanding section of XAP, it pertains to audio drama, comedy, advertisements, and many more audio entertainment projects customized to XAP and SciFiFur.net. It is coordinated by SliceOfDog

Uplink Omega[edit]

Uplink Omega is the end of the show with the usual wrap ups, letter readings and grand goodbyes of each episode.


Due to the size of the podcast it has been necessary to accept submissions from several contributors to actually manage to create something on such a scale and variety. These almost singularly come from the community members of scififur.net itself. A list of contributors so far follows:

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