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Baoh, as drawn by Mutisija.

Xch3l (born January 19, 1992)[1] is a furry fan and programmer from Mexico.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Xch3l is the author of eSix Extend, a Greasemonkey script which was wrote to improve the user experience of e621, as well as add various new features. The script is also compatible with e926, 20PC and AGNPH.[2]

He later joined the e621 coding team in December 2015.[3]


Xch3l's fursona is a female cat character named Baoh. Baoh has brown hair and amber/honey eyes, and her fur is silver with stripes on her arms, legs and tail. She stands at 162cm (5'3") tall and weighs 64kg (141lbs).[4]


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