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Xavious Aleckzander Wolffe (born 1989) is a furry whose fursona is a black and white wolf. Xavious discovered furry from the therian community around the year 2002 at the age of thirteen. From an even younger age he has held a respect of, and strong association with, wolves.


Previously, Xavious uploaded videos to youtube of the Funday PawPet Show. In recent years however the task of putting FPS segments has passed on to others. Among other uploaded videos are three Bunny Death videos for the Funday Pawpet Show's Easter episodes and events in his life.

Xavious loves chemistry and electronics. Multiple times he has attempted homemade electric circuits but has met limited success in his endeavors. He does however hope to complete a fully operational Single Stage Gauss Cannon for his 2009 bunny death video. As a comical effect, many of his projects have either long winded names or are portmanteaus of words that describe the device. For example, the name of his gauss cannon project is the Electromagnetic Ferromagnetic Projectile Driver Mark II (E.F.P.D. Mk. II).[1] In this case, it can be broken down to more simply saying that this is the second attempted device that uses magnetism to shoot iron (or similar metal) projectiles.

Beginning in early 2007 Xavious began the construction of a fursuit head of his fursona. However the rest of the suit will likely be bought from other makers. It is still currently under construction and the project has as of late become stagnant.[2]

On January 7th, 2006, Xavious joined an internet community known as AlchemyX and has since risen to the status of moderator of several forums. Information on his science projects, art, fursuit progress, etc can be found there.


Xavious considers himself to be a multifaceted artist utilizing multiple forms of art. His early poems and drawings can be found at deviantART. Newer creations can be found within the Artists Gallery of AlchemyX.

More recently Xavious has taken up musical composition and is in the process of several musical works.

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