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Xander The Blue.

Xander The Blue (born May 11, 1980) is a gay dragon furry artist from Palatine, Illinois, USA. He has lived in Illinois his entire life. Xander is mated to Alkali Bismuth, with whom he co-hosts The Dragget Show. His roommate is Maci, and he has a black cat, Mia.

Xander is the art director for the Wisconsin furry convention Fur Squared. He also enjoys performing stand-up comedy at furry conventions and Chicago area comedy clubs. Many of his performances are on his personal and Dragget Show YouTube channels. He was a guest of honor at Fur Reality 2015.[1]

Xander is into video games, karaoke, movies, martial arts, basketball, drawing, and animation. He is heavily involved with the video games industry, both by hobby and by profession. His furry drawings and animations are usually homosexual in nature.


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