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theBunnyMan, age 28, enjoying his 21y/o brothers birthday party

theBunnyMan (born August 31st, 1981), is a furry from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.


theBunnyMan believes in animal totemism, and believes that is what defines him as a furry. theBunnyMan has always felt a link to nonuhman animals. He joined Furry in 1996, Started VegasFurs in 2006, and seceded the forum/community to CyborgCoyote in 2011. As of Summer 2012 he is still active in the local community and IRC. `The Bunny Man`, or tBunnyMan for short, is not a fursona or furry name; It is his title that was given to him by the industrial/rivethead community where he was an event photographer and DJ. His fursona name is BitM, which is pronounced `τ`

theBunnyMan is a professional Infrastructure Manager & Developer.

He is currently a regular on the Rabbit Valley podcast, Live From the Hop Inn. theBunnyMan is pansexual and currently[when?] single.

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