Xanadu (story universe)

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shared universe
Began 2000-2001
Initial work "Xanadu" (short story)
Initial author Bryan Derksen
Genre Transformation fiction
Primary archive

Xanadu is a shared story universe originally created by Bryan Derksen and inspired by the "No More Fakes" universe. It features a fictional science fiction/fantasy convention in Orlando, Florida that was struck by a powerful magical spell causing everyone to transform into whatever was depicted by the costume they were wearing. The convention is called Kubla Con, and by way of punnish reference to Kublai Kahn the convention center it's held at is temporarily redesignated from "Orlando Convention Center" to "Xanadu." About ten thousand people or more were affected to various degrees. Other than this, though, the universe is our ordinary real-world one.

Persistent characters[edit]

  • Eric Winters - transformed into a raven, also was the sponsor of the convention and initiated the changes when he put on an enchanted mask.
  • Arthur Hall - transformed into a young female ballerina.
  • Felix - transformed into a permanent rendition of one of the catpeople from the musical Cats, right-hand man for Eric.
  • Others listed at Shifti

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