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XENY (pronounced z-knee; born June 7, 1996) is an artist and fursuiter who lives in Oregon, USA. She creates visual artwork, and builds fursuits under the label Lucky Gum Fursuits.


XENY spends her time working on fursuits or art, or occasionally riding her bike around town. She first joined the furry fandom in December, 2011, after a friend told her about it. However, she had been dressing like an animal, and drawing herself as a red panda for much longer than she knew about the fandom.

XENY's name comes from a nickname her family had given her, based on her real name, Exene.


XENY's very first fursona was a magic white tiger she created when she was seven. She drew that character for a few years before letting it go.

As of July 2014, XENY's main fursona is Bubblegum, a bright blue and hot pink red panda who was the first character she made into a fursuit. Bubblegum's right eye is blue, while the left is yellow. Her flesh color is a bright green. XENY has recently[when?] remade her Bubblegum fursuit fully.

SYD, a lavender and bright blue hyena-monster creation, is XENY's secondary fursona, based upon strong emotions. His character is easily defined as being a jerk. SYD was the fifth character XENY made into a fursuit, and she still suits in it frequently. He is adorned with many piercings, a mohawk, and, often, a leather jacket.


XENY's art is very cartoon-y and "fun". She does both traditional and digital works. More often than not, she is creating badges as commissions and for fun. She is attending school to study art.

Lucky Gum Fursuits[edit]

Lucky Gum Fursuits (LGF) was founded in June 2013. The name comes from her fursona, and the fact that XENY felt very lucky to have found the furry community in the first place.

While XENY has been making suits since June 2012, she did not take on commissions until she felt she was ready. Her first commission was a pink bunny/bat hybrid, and she has worked on multiple commissions since then. Since her opening, she has never had an empty queue.

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