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Wulfsige, drawn by Xainy

Wulfsige (born 05-19-1979) is a Minnesotan Fursuiter who found and joined the furry fandom on the 25th of November, 2005. Wulfsige's fursona is a gray wolf-husky mix.[1] He also has a secondary fursona named Teekon. [2]


Wulfsige's fursuit was created by Silver Huskywolf of Furr Happens on August 24, 2007.[3]

Wulfsige also has a secondary wolf character created by Derekpaws.[4] This character, named "Ace" by Derek, was purchased by Wulfsige on 3/31/2010 and was later renamed to Teekon.[5] The head was built by Sophie Cabra of Surf Cat Costumes[6] while the feet, tail, and hands were built by Wulfsige.

Outside of the fandom[edit]

Outside of the furry fandom Wulfsige travels all over the country and abroad working on various productions and tours for his employment. This involves high end laser shows, pyro, sound reinforcement, video wall construction, and many other things within his field as lead design engineer and laser safety officer.


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