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Wuffsky, also known as Dakota is a furry artist and fursuiter. Originally from Connecticut, USA, they now live in Los Angeles.

Dakota is a soon to be college graduate, studying something that has nothing to do with furries, animals, or art. They work in the entertainment industry in the IT field.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Dakota discovered the furry fandom in the early 2000's, joined Fur Affinity in 2007, and began attending conventions in 2010. They has attended FurFright 2010, Further Confusion 2011, FA: United 4, Anthrocon 2011, FurFright 2011, Further Confusion 2012, Anthrocon 2012, and FurFright 2012, Midwest FurFest 2012, and Further Confusion 2013.


Wuffsky's fursona is a male Mackenzie Valley Wolf name Dakota. He has black rings around his eyes, a tattered right ear, a black star marking at the base of his tail and a goatee. He is overly excitable, extremely friendly, and slightly naive.

Dakota's fursuit, depicting their fursona, was built by WhyIOtter, and debuted at FurFright 2012.[1]


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