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Wu Wei

Wu Wei, also known as Quantheory (born February 2, 1989), is a writer who lives near Boulder, Colorado, USA. His day job involves work in climate modeling.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Wu Wei joined the furry fandom in 2009, in part due to the influence of various webcomics, including Ozy and Millie and Fur-Piled. He helped copy-edit the third and fourth volumes of Fur-Piled (Fur-Piled, Volume 3: World Spins Madly On, Leo Magna, Sofawolf Press, 2009, and Fur-Piled, Volume 4: Soundtracks and Comebacks, Leo Magna, (Sofawolf Press, 2010),[citation needed] as part of a large group of volunteers from that comic's forums.[clarify][citation needed]

Later he became the assistant editor for Heat #7,[citation needed] and contributed the poem A Werewolf's Last Warning to the same issue.

Wu Wei was the Dealers Director and Art Show Director for Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2014.


Wu Wei's fursona is a Mexican Wolf.

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