Wrongside: Beginning

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Wrongside: Beginning
Author(s) Amanda Payne
Launch date 2006 November
Genre Drama?, Furry
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Wrongside: Beginning is a webcomic by Amanda Payne.

The comic takes place in 1932, on the World of Planet; a place with large similarities to Earth. The story begins centered around the main Characters Dakota LesMercy and Fagan Morely, with it being known that Dakota is the Newly Elected President of Coveland. With a Boyish charm, and a slight Naivete; Dakota slowly becomes more accustomed to his role as President; often looking to his most trusted friend and mentor; Fagan, for guidance, and his wife, Angela, for support. As everything begins to seemingly settle on the surface; more subtle subplots begin to emerge. The 'Close Friends', Aldric Vandervelt and Arthur Lockheed begin their bid to control the Presidency from within, pushing for a plan to wipe out the War-like Sapiens in one massive preemptive strike; using the Sapiens' previous Military Campaign that destroyed the race of Avians some years prior to build their case. Meanwhile; the multi-talented Fagan Morley enacts his own plan; to infiltrate the Sapien City; and spy for Coveland.

With lots of Action; Subtle interplay; biting wit; depth of scope and character: This comic's got it all; wrapped up in a beautiful visual experience. Definitely for those that want a solid story, with an engaging and memorable cast.