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worldroleplay, aka worldrp, is a freeform RPG based off the modern world. It was created was created on December 13th, 2008 by Kyle, and originally used for one on one rping. Most of the characters on worldrp are anthropomorphic in nature, but there are humans, shifters, and other races as well. Banned races include giants, so full dragons are not allowed, but anthro ones are.


The setting is mostly in a small town on Convert set close to Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center. It takes place in the current year and day. But the time depends on what the G.O.D of the RP wants.


The main plot line focuses on a odd device known as the Rifta device. It was built by a kitsune long ago. The device mainly encourages people to create worlds for other to explore. While the device is unknown as to is mechanics all they know is that the device is messed up.


  • Kyle: Head op/G.O.D of the RP.
  • Azmaria: One of the Co founders/mod of the RP.
  • Felixeh: Bot/channel maintenance.

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