World of Fizz

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World of Fizz
Author(s) Robin M. Blake
Launch date January 1, 2007
Genre Comedy
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World of Fizz is an American webcomic created by Robin M. Blake. It focuses in the Fitzuths, a family of anthropomorphic foxes.


The strip began its life on Geocities, before moving to Keenspace, now known as Comic Genesis. Blake had previously created Fergo and Enrique, which appeared as a webcomic and in selected newspapers. Blake does not consider World of Fizz to be a furry comic, and states they hate the term.[1]


World of Fizz is ranked at #61 on WebcomicZ (as of September 2009),[2] and has received favorable reviews for its art style and humor. The strip has been described as a "furry version of FoxTrot."[3][4]


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