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Woof's fursona Pudge. (Art drawn by EmberDragon)

Woofstep, previously known as Millerthehyena (born 1998), is a female furry artist who lives in Florida, USA. Woofstep prefers to be called Cynthia by their closest friends, but nicknames are acceptable to them.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Woofstep's interests online or in real life are largely connected to the furry fandom, having been interested in talking animals since first watching cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Duck Tales, way before she even knew what a furry was.

Woofstep mostly draws anthropomorphic and feral creatures, but they also draw humans from time to time.


  • Millerthehyena - Woofstep's original fursona, a spotted hyena who had a headcrab design on it's back. Around the end of 2012, she lost interest in their hyena character, and switched to a new fursona.
  • Woof - A character with canine features and ram horns. Around mid 2013, Wooftep changed their character to have Homestuck troll horns and hypnotic eyes, to give their character more personality and fit more to their interests.
  • Pudge - A chubby, gray domestic shorthair cat. In late December 2015, Woofstep changed her Fursona to Pudge to deviate from having a sparkle dog for a character.


Woofstep has multiple side characters, but the most known ones are Alec the western dragon, LegMonkey the monkey, Thomas the Cockatiel/Turtle, and Serena the Sheep (retired character).

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