Woodgate Forest

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Woodgate forest is a place on Furrymuck, located off in Pine Grove in the heart of the Drachenswald region of the muck. It was created by Tundrawolf as a place to escape the chaos, drama and politics in other parts of the muck.

The forest is a green and pleasant place, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world, the forest watched over by Meffie, the ever competant imperial forest ranger. The campfire area has a pg-13 rating, intended as a spot for furs to cuddle, chat and generally relax, though the ambient squirrels and their toys can make the place a little hectic at times. For those who wish to do more than snug, there are areas deeper in the forest for more 'adult' activities and discussions to occur in private in agelocked areas.

The area is operated by Tundrawolf and Rycochet, who try to be as hands off as they can to try to keep the place enjoyable for other visitors.


Woodgate Forest can be reached from within FurryMUCK by typing t pg and ene then n, once you've agreed to abide by the rules of the forest.

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