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Aloha Fox

Aloha Fox aka Wolfnevets (born December 15, 1956) is a fox furry from Casstown, Ohio. He is also known as the "Ohio Cornfield Hawaiian Fox".

Aloha has attended the following conventions: Morphicon 2004, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005, Morphicon 2005, Rocket City FurMeet 3.14, Mephit Furmeet 9, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2006, Morphicon 2006, Anthrocon 2006, Further Confusion 2007, Morphicon 2007, and Anthrocon 2007.


He currently owns two fursuits, both of which he made himself. The first is of his primary character, Aloha. The second is a female suit named "Roma the Gypsy Vixen". He is popular for the "soap and water" sign he carries while in the Aloha fursuit, echoing the 6-2-1 rule.

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