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Grey Wolfieroo, also known as Grey, born June 1st 1986, is a Toony furry artist whose fursona is a red-nosed Border Collie dog. He wears a red collar, and, alternately, a white shirt and black tie. He lives in Chillán, Chile.


Wolfieroo is a Veterinary Medicine student, who began his artistic path on deviantart in 2004 under the name of ArkDragon adopting his first fursona, a Grey Wolf; he specialized in toony art. In 2008, when he switched accounts to Grey-da-Wolf, he became a wolf-kangaroo hybrid, who would be his fursona until year 2010, when he became his final and actual fursona, a red-nosed Border Collie dog. By then, he had joined furaffinity under the identity of "Wolfieroo".


Wolfieroo specializes in toony art utilizing a variety of digital techniques, including "metacartoonism", a concept he introduced which combines traditional cel-shading with soft-shading creating an analogue to toon-realism. His tools-of-the-trade include software like Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, and Corel Painter 12 for digital paintings. There's no traditional process involved, all's done with a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.

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