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Wolfgang Wolfe.

Wolfgang Wolfe (also known as Bigwolfbebad; born April 14, 1988) is a furry artist/furry writer. He now lives in Columbus, Ohio again.

Wolfgang's fursona is fat, 7-foot-tall anthro wolf with green eyes. His fur is grey except on his paws, which are black. Midnight blue hair grows from his head all the way down his back. The only clothing he wears is snug black vest and a dark blue shirt. He also sports a studded black collar and similar bands around his wrists.

Wolfgang can completely unhinge his jaws, a useful skill as he is a voraphile. Much of his artwork, done as simple black and white line drawings, depicts fatfurs, with frequent vore images.

Although not a full fursuiter, Wolfgang has been known to wear a wolf tail and fangs.

Wolfgang is a full time YouTuber and Twitch streamer on the channel Howling Good Games.

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