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Night on a rock by Wolfattwilight
Twilight Pose by Wolfattwilight.

Wolfattwilight or Twilight is an American furry and werewolf artist.


Her fursona, Twilight, is a half black and half white werewolf, with 14 scars on her left side (the white side) and 2 pentagrams on the right side (black side) with the mark of hecate on her right hand and a crecent moon and star on her forehead. Her eyes are 2 different colors (left one is brown and the right is blue) and when she gets mad her eyes glow.

Twilight's mother is feline and her father is wolf, but Twilight is not obviously part feline.

Twilight, when human, has long, long brown hair and usually wears tattered black baggy clothes or walks around naked. She revels and loves being a wolf, experiencing it not as a curse, but as pure freedom.

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