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Wolf roleplaying forums are a type of roleplaying game hosted on a webforum where the plot typically centers on one or more pack of wolves, and the players play as members of the pack or other animals that live nearby. A type of "play-by-post" roleplaying, such games can also take place using any other text-based medium.

Some websites require a character profile in order to join, while others require an example of roleplaying ability, such as examples of previous posts.


  • Forums and message boards: The most common format, an advantage of this medium is the ability to separate storylines into different boards, and further into individual threads, allowing them to run concurrently or independently from a main storyline. Typically, an individual starts a thread, setting the scene and introducing a character, then waits for others to respond.
  • Email: Players can utilize email to roleplay, sending the description of their actions to another player, a gamemaster, or multiple people using a mailing list. The use of a gamemaster in this medium allows for a player to keep actions secret from other players.
  • Instant messaging: Instant messaging services can be used for such a roleplay, which can increase the speed of the roleplay but requires each player to be online at the same time and restricts the availability of character pages or reference sheets. Character information might be linked to on an external source.


There are many genres of wolf roleplay ranging anywhere from strictly realistic roleplay to high-fantasy, to an intermediate mix of both. Strict realistic roleplays adhere to natural coat coloration, body dimensions, and breeding times while high fantasy can allow anything from magical powers, to neon fur, to mutations.

Anthro or furry roleplays have also increased in popularity, though they are not always termed as such. Werewolf and werecreature roleplaying games are popular; many incorporate the aspect of humanism (human to werewolf form) into the roleplay.


Another distinction among wolf roleplays is the level – most commonly only used among forum-based roleplays – of difficulty.

Although quantity is the easiest way to measure ability, there are other factors that must be taken into consideration as well. The most popular levels (from easiest to most difficult) are: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Some forums use "literate" as a step below beginner to indicate they cater to even newer roleplayers. Some websites also tout themselves as "all levels" roleplaying games, as they allow roleplayers from any level.

Literate may denote a one-lined post, or even simpler, posting in asterisk-form. This may include roleplaying that involves the user denoting actions between asterisks or dashes, and text outside of the asterisks are speech. For example: *Jumps over log* Hiya, Rain! *Wags tail*

Beginner usually consists of one- to two-lined posts to one paragraph. Beginner posts may feature spelling and grammatical mistakes as well as the use of "wolfspeak".

Intermediate features roleplayers who are more adept at posting and are able to write coherent sentences. Although they may be associated with the ability to post two to three paragraphs of roleplaying, the notion of quantity as an indicator is being overturned.[1] Increasingly, the denomination of Intermediate roleplayers are coming to be associated with well-thought out posts that can engage the partner.

Advanced was seen as posting over four strong paragraphs of roleplay. A detailed paragraph might include attention to physical detail, including the setting, other character's appearance, and other various factors. An even balance of thought and observation can make a strong paragraph.[2]

In-character hierarchy[edit]

Many wolf roleplaying forums will utilize the ethological concept of Aplha/Beta/Omega terminology, once thought to apply to real-life grey wolves, to denote a hierarchy mechanic or context in character. When such a system is used, it generally goes:

  • Alpha: The dominant wolf in a pack, or the dominant mated pair (Alpha male and Alpha female)
  • Beta: The second-in-command in a pack, or second mated pair (Beta male and Beta female)
  • Subordinate: General pack members, below Beta but above Omega
  • Omega: Lowest-ranking member of a pack

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