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The WolfSpirits Pack is a IRC-based roleplaying group in which players take the roles of semi-realistic wolven characters living north of Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska.


The WolfSpirits Pack was founded on February 25, 2002, by Kovo and Spirit.[1] The pack continues to thrive and recently celebrated its 15 year anniversary. Since the founding of the pack the WolfSpirits have undergone many changes, primarily, moving to a new territory and the appointment of a new Alpha pair. Go here for the Pack's entire history.


As of February 2017, the pack is made up of 25 [2] members [3]

  • Alphas: Atraya♀ and Faolan♂
  • Beta: None at this time
  • Deltas: Shukie♀
  • Elders: Kovo(deceased)♀, Spirit, Lockewlf♂, Noshoba ♂, and Iceblink.
  • Guardians: Noxion♂ and Kuroi♂.
  • Scouts: Skydancer♀ (Lead Scout).
  • Hunters/Huntresses: Ayaka♀ and Kova♀.
  • Caretakers: Rune♀.
  • Subordinates: Amoux♂, Nightstalker♂, Coranoir♀, CwnAnnwn♂, Larka♀, and Hutch♂.
  • Assessments/Members in Training: None at this time
  • Pledges: None at this time/Accepting!

To see the newest version of the pack's members please visit our members page here. If a familiar face/name is no longer seen here it is likely because they have left the pack or been moved to the Lost Spirits page.

Territory, Time, and Weather[edit]

The WolfSpirits territory is located somewhere north of and near to Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. Illustrations and descriptions of the WolfSpirits territory can be found on the Territory page.

In character time passes just as it does in the real world. Which means that one day in your life is one day in your character's life. The day, month, and year IC (In Character) are also the same as they are in the present, real world. However, the time IC does not correlate with the time in Alaska. Time of day in character is according to Central Time (CT) not Alaska Standard Time (AKST).

Weather, temperature, and other environmental factors are mimicked as well as possible in character, though the final say regarding such matters is up to Atraya and Faolan.


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