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Woggle (born Joseph M. Harrison on June 19th, 1972[1]) is a writer who lives in Mesa, Arizona, U.S.A, and works as a delivery driver. An escapee of the east coast, he writes what comes to him, furry or otherwise, and attends the occasional con.


Woggle first appeared in the furry community in 1999, when he posted on alt.lifestyle.furry under the name XiP. Woggle contributed to Anthrocon by being one of the many furs who helped set up and operate the Art Show.

In 2000, Woggle continued his volunteer work with Anthrocon as well as creating the FurShore Yahoo!group. Originally targeted at furs living along the Jersey shore, its membership rapidly expanded throughout the state and into surrounding states. At its peak, more than 400 messages were passed through the group per month.

In the mid-2000s, Woggle created The Golden Lash on Tapestries MUCK, a popular BDSM club. Ownership passed to RuheMaus, his chosen successor, and as of 2018 the club continues to operate on Tapestries.

As of December 2007, Woggle had two new projects in the works, a MUCK built from scratch based on The Golden Lash, tentatively to carry that name in lieu of any better name ideas.

In 2007, he made plans for Phoenix Phurmeet, reviving an idea from 2004, as a cross between a fur meet and a holiday party, tentatively scheduled for December 2008. By June 2008 Woggle's project was "shelved due to a variety of problems".[2]

He planned to start a MUCK, named Spreader Bar, based on a smaller section of The Golden Lash. As of May 2008, a new project was started, the SHAPE role play universe on Live Journal.


Shape is a shared universe based on the common concept of humans transforming into anthropomorphic animals. This universe is run over LiveJournal.


Set in a world identical to ours, a small portion of the population suffers from a disease known by most professionals as SHAPE aka Sudden Human Animal Phenotype Expression, although its scientific name is far more complicated to say. A common slang name for it is Flash due to the rather rapid pace of the patient's visual transformation in the later stages of the disease.

Despite the disease being present for nearly three decades, the percentage of the population struck by it has remained very low, estimates range from 1 to 5 percent of the world's population without a significant increase. While science hasn't been able to fully explain, diagnose nor cure the disease, it is presumed to work by re-sequencing the afflicted person's DNA without killing them, something which is significantly beyond current science.


  • No fantasy creatures, for example, fairies, demons, unicorns, etc. If it doesn't exist in nature, it doesn't exist here.
  • The disease remaps one's body as necessary, this can lead to some wounds healing while others do not. Also prior gender reassignments are wiped out do to such surgeries being surface changes rather than reprogramming of one's DNA
  • No ungulates, although those species exist, they get a feet rather than hooves
  • Bipeds only, the virus alters the human form to a degree, but it still retains the basic biped nature.
  • No cross breeds, transformations result in pure bred anthropomorphics.
  • No avians as their anatomy including skeletal structure is significantly different than that of mammals or even lizards
  • Setting is twenty-first century earth, this means no flying cars, cyborgs or other science fiction trappings. Actually life of the character needn't be identical to that of its creator/player.
  • Journals do not necessarily have to be that of a SHAPE victim, but can be a friend, family member or other person within the universe


The idea is to create a series of journals that are not distinguishable from typical real life journals, aside from being marked as a SHAPE journal in the character's about page. Characters will not necessarily interact directly, but rather have each other on their watch list, creating the feeling of a world where victims of the disease find their way to each other and by doing so creating a support group.

One example journal is that of the universe's creator Woggle which is a rigidly accurate depiction of his real life with minor tweaking.


While he's changed both names and species over the year, two constants have remained. Bipedal fursona has always been a weasel type (marten or fisher), although he's partial to taurs. These days he's a blue camouflage cattaur, although he has a number of characters spread over multiple role-playing/story universes.

Woggle is listed as "Somali cat cattaur" on the Fur Affinity Forums profile.[3]

He has been known as Fluxxx, Red Jack and XiP.


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