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wixxx (whatis-xxx or whatisz-xxx) is the sexually-oriented version of whatis, containing flags for various fetishes and sexual roles. This permutation was requested of Cinnibar at ConFurence by Taisia and others, and was developed soon thereafter. On some MUCKs this version is only accessible to players registered as adults.

On Tapestries MUCK, wixxx is the default version of whatis, as all registered players assert they are over the age of 18. Wixxx plays an important role on MUCKs, as examining a player's wixxx is considered obligatory to engaging in TinySex.

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The following is a partial list of established wixxx flags on Tapestries MUCK, along with a brief explanation of each:

  • a/Available: Means that the person is available for role play, or more specifically, is not bound by a relationship that would prevent them from playing sexually.
  • ag/Anything-Goes: Often means different things for different people, but, strictly-speaking, means that the person is open to any and all types of roleplay, sexual or otherwise.
  • age/Ageplay: Means the person has an interest in either playing a character that is younger or older than they are, or playing with a character of a significantly different age. Usually used to describe an interest in underage characters.
  • an/Anal: Means the person enjoys anal sex. What type of anal sex is usually specified in later in the player's wixxx.
  • ap/Avian-Preferred: Means the player shows a strong preference toward birds, gryphons, or other Avian species.
  • a/Aquatic: Means the players enjoys playing in the water, either sexually or otherwise. Can also denote a preference toward aquatic species, or to describe oneself as such.
  • bi/Bisexual: Means the player is sexually attracted to either gender, though the level of attraction to either gender varies greatly.
  • bit/Biting: Means the player either enjoys biting or being bitten.
  • blo/Blood: Means the player enjoys scenes that involve blood. This can vary from vampirism to intense scenes involving excessive gore.
  • bod/Body-Modification: Means the player enjoys having their body modified in some fashion, or doing such to their partner.
  • bon/Bondage: Means the player enjoys being bound, or binding their partner. This can range from silk scarves around the wrists to elaborate leather restraints and equipment. Sometimes no restraints are involved, one partner preferring simply to hold the other with their paws.
  • bot/Bottom: Means the player prefers the role of the penetrated, rather than the penetrator; does not necessarily mean they are submissive.
  • brc/Breath-Control: Means the player enjoys having their breath controlled by their partner, or vice versa. This can involve near-drowning or other forms of sexual asphyxia.
  • brd/Breeding: This means the player enjoys the end result of their mating to result in the production of offspring.
  • bt/Boots: Means the player is aroused by either wearing themselves or their partner wearing boots.
  • cas/Castration: Means the player enjoys scenes in which their testicles, or their partner's testicles, are removed.
  • cbt/Cock & Ball Torture (C&BT): Means the player enjoys the infliction pain and or unusual strain on their own genitals or their partner's.
  • ch/Chemical: Means the player enjoys using (or having used on them) some sort of chemical agent, usually drugs.
  • cha/Chastity: Means the player enjoys the concept of chastity and maintaining one's virginity on a certain level, even if other sexual acts are played. Can also indicate the player is non-sexual and wishes to remain chaste.
  • cin/Cinfo: Means the player has a cinfo (Character Info) file that they wish people to read in order to find out more about them. Some players contain very specific do's and don'ts in their cinfos.
  • clv/Cunt-Loving: Means the player enjoys vaginas in fashion or another.
  • cmc/Cum-Covered: Usually means the player enjoys being covered in semen or female ejaculate, see Bukakke.
  • cml/Cum-Loving: Means the player enjoys interacting in some way with male or female sexual fluids (usually semen).
  • cok/Cock-Worshipping: Means the player has a strong attachment to the male penis. It can even reach a spiritual level or be a fetish. Most usually, it describes the act of reverence toward one's partner's penis.
  • con/Consensual-Only: Means the player only wishes to engage in scenes in which all parties consent to the acts played in character.
  • crx/Crossdresser: Means the player enjoys dressing in the clothes of the opposite gender. Also can be used to describe some furs who are transsexual.
  • cws/Cunt-Worshipping: Means the player has a strong attachment to the female vagina and vulva. It can even reach a spiritual level or be a fetish. Most usually, it describes the act of reverence toward one's partner's genitals.
  • d/Dominant: This signifies the character takes the dominant role in the activities of the scene, but may not necessarily mean they are forceful or aggressive.
  • dia/Diapers: Means the player enjoys wearing or their partner wearing diapers. While often associated with the Babyfur community, and interest in diapers does not always denote infantilism.
  • dir/Dirty-Talk: This means the player finds profanity or "dirty" words to be arousing and erotic, usually in relation to speaking about their lover's body or personality, or vice versa, eg. "That's my hot little fuckslut."
  • dis/Disobedient: This flag usually refers to a submissive character who is disobedient within the context of a dominant/submissive relationship, such as a pet and their Master.
  • dsc/Discipline: This flag means the player enjoys the act of punishment or limits being set by a dominant toward their submissive.
  • dye/Dyes: Means the player enjoys the applying of colored pigments to their partner's fur or feathers, or vice versa. Tattoos, in the traditional sense, cannot be applied to fur, feathers, or scales, so dyes often serve a similar purpose within a Furry RP.
  • edi/Edible: Means the player is available as a meal, to be eaten within the context of Voreaphilia.
  • el/Electrical: Means the player enjoys electricity, which can range from electric Pokemon, sexual electrostimulation, or snuff plots where the player or their partner is literally electrocuted.
  • ema/Emasculation: This fetish means that the player enjoys plots in which their, or their partner's, penis is removed.
  • en/Enema: The player enjoys being given, or receiving an enema. Other fluids, including bodily fluids can be used in the anal irrigation, besides water.
  • ex/Exhibitionist: The player finds lack of modest arousing and enjoys presenting themselves in public with little or no clothing. Can also refer to someone who enjoys others watching them in the act of sex.
  • exp/Experienced: Means the character (not necessarily always the player) is meant to be experienced in sex.
  • fe/Female-Biased: Means the player prefers to play with female characters, though could also be bisexual.
  • fea/Fear: The player finds the concept of fear and terror to be an erotic element within an RP.
  • ff/Foot Fetish: Means the player finds feet to be erotic and an erogenous zone.
  • fmz/Feminization: The player enjoys plots in which a male or hermaphrodite character is purposely treated, dressed, and sexualized as a female.
  • fp/Fur-Preferred: Means the player prefers furry (mammalian) characters over ones with feathers, scales, etc.
  • fsh/Force-Shifting: Means the player enjoys forcing, or being forced to, change their appearance and/or species.
  • fst/Fisting: Means the player finds erotic the act of anal or vaginal penetration with a clenched fist.
  • fud/Food Fetish: Means the player finds the use of food during sex enjoyable and erotic.
  • fuk/Fuckable: Means the player is willing and wishing to be on the receiving end of penetrative sex.
  • gay/Homosexual: Means the character is male and prefers to only play with other male characters.
  • gen/Gendershifting: Means the character can shift their gender, or is willing to have their gender changed.
  • gro/Group Sex: Means the player enjoys orgies and sex scenes with multiple partners at once.
  • het/Heterosexual: Means the player wishes to only have sexual contact with members of the opposite gender
  • hmb/Herm-Biased: Means the character most prefers to engage in sex with hermaphroditic characters.
  • hor/Horny: Means the character has a stronger-than-average sex drive.
  • hu/Humiliation: Means the character enjoys being humiliated, or humiliating their partner. Often used in the context of BDSM.
  • hum/Humor-and-Comedy: Means the character likes scenes that take a light-hearted, often funny approach to sex. This can also simply mean humorous banter between companions.
  • hyp/Hypnosis: The player enjoys being hypnotized, or hypnotizing their partner, often for the purposes of mind-control and performing acts their character would not voluntarily engage in.
  • i/Inexperienced: The character is relatively inexperienced when it comes to sex.
  • ic/Always-IC: This means that, in theory, all interactions with that character are In-Character, and occur within the context of a constant state of roleplaying, unless the interaction is specifically specified to be Out of Character.
  • if/Inflation: The player enjoys inflating, or being inflated by their partner. This can range from being filled with compressed gasses, water, food, semen, or other substances.
  • iht/In-Heat: Denotes that the character is in a very receptive sexual state, due to a natural biological trigger.
  • inc/Incest: The player enjoys plots in which they are related to their sexual partner.
  • inf/Infatilist: The player enjoys acting like a baby, or their character is a baby or very young toddler. See Babyfur.
  • int/Intelligence-Biased: The player enjoys playing with characters who are reasonably intelligent. This flag is usually intended to emphasize, sarcastically, that the player has little tolerance for individuals they feel to be lacking basic intelligence.
  • jo/Masturbating: Means the player either enjoys stimulating themselves or their partner with hands/paws/talons.
  • l/Lecherous: Means the character has a sexually dominated personally, and would be expected not to exhibit polite sexual restraint while in-character.
  • la/Large: The character is larger than most on the MUCK. This can mean the character is a Macro, but can often just mean a significant size-difference, such as a ferret in a MUCK of rats, or a larger-than-average dragon or other creature.
  • lac/Lactate: The character lactates or potentially lactates, and/or enjoys other characters who do the same.
  • lat/Latex: The character enjoys the feeling or wearing of latex materials, especially in a sexual context.
  • le/Leather: The character enjoys the feeling or wearing of leather materials, especially in a sexual context.
  • lea/Leashable: Means the character enjoys wearing a leash and collar. Can also mean the character is willing to RP sexually with most partners who pose the act of clipping a leash to the character's collar.
  • les/Lesbian: Means the character is a homosexual female and prefers to only play with other female characters.

The wixxx program on FurryMUCK was originally by Cinnibar but was replaced when the player who controlled it refused to remove a flag during the MUCK's official response to groups of parental complaints referencing the US Communications Decency Act. The original program and database can still be found inside the gazebo in the east corner of Furry Park. A clone of DIRECTORYFLAGS was created by Ruffin which header is given below:

-- WhatIsz 1.33 : Ruffin@FurToonia  Mar 26 1997 ------------------------------
WhatIsz lets you set a list of flags on yourself that others can look at
for quick reference.  You can use all the standard flags and also add 20
custom letters - limited to keep from spamming everyone.

The current version history of DIRECTORYFLAGS version of whatis:

DIRECTORYFLAGS v1.95  Cinnibar 1999.2
-12/27/93: Beta testing of whatis V1.0 - V1.4
 12/27/93: V1.5: Added #all to show all online player attribs
 12/27/93: V1.5: Added version changes list to #vers command
  9/ 1/94: V1.6: Added #default to show default attribute list
 11/ 5/96: V1.7: Improved #cleanup to handle forcechar-only database entries
 11/ 5/96: V1.8: Added second extension character, and new flag error checking
  8/21/98: V1.9: Added statistics with #stat & #showstat, custom string added
  2/ 3/99: V1.95: Added virgin setup routine; cleanup of wizards