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Wired is a US based monthly magazine and website based periodical published in San Francisco, California since March 1993, and owned by Condé Nast Publications. It mainly covers technology, and its effects on the world in general.

Wired and furry[edit]

Wired has covered the subject furries and the fandom in several articles, including:

The Johnny Manhattan piece[edit]

One of the very first mainstream articles about furries appeared on Wired in a March 1994 in an article titled Johnny Manhattan Meets the Furry Muckers. Some furries felt that there were a number of problems with the article, which caused quite a stir at the time:[citation needed]

  • The article primarily describes events on LambdaMOO, not FurryMUCK.
  • Johnny Manhattan (aka Josh Quittner) lifted character descriptions without permission, a violation of copyright, and a potential invasion of privacy (FurryMUCK's ECPA notice notwithstanding).
  • The focus when speaking of furries was mostly on sex and an inability to understand why someone would play an animal online.

This article is generally considered[citation needed] to be an example of inattentive editors passing an article with little or no inspection.

Alendria, whose nude description was printed in the article's FurryMUCK portion, wrote a letter of protest; when the magazine's editors offered to print it, but only if she allowed her real name to be used, she declined due to personal issues.[citation needed]

Newer articles and/or mentions[edit]

September 2008 Wired cover
  • ? (? 2001) - The furry fandom was mentioned in a sidebar[citation needed] featuring fads which were coming and going; furries were considered a short-term fad already on their way out.

Considering the previous (and mostly forgotten) article, and the growth of the fandom, this was at best an erroneous view based on other mainstream attention at the time.

  • Wired's Geekster Handbook, a Field Guide to the Nerd Underground (March 2008) - Under the sixth geek described by Troy Brownfield, the Otaku, their beliefs, described as the following, mention furries in a positive view:
Wired (magazine)
Manga is a medium, not a genre. Furries aren't loathsome. I can learn Japanese from Gundam...
Wired (magazine)
  • Cosplayroom (September 2008) - On his Japanese Schoolgirl Watch column, Brian Ashcraft mentions furries in the following paragraph regarding Japanese girls and Cosplay:
Wired (magazine)
...Many Japanese gals lead double lives: Mild-mannered students in plain-jane uniforms by day; French maids, Furries, and goth Lolitas by night...
Wired (magazine)
  • How a Trash-Talking Furry Became Esports' Dominant Player (January 2019) - As a result of SonicFox5000 winning the 2018 Game Awards, Wired published an article discussing about him and esports.

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