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Bran, as portrayed by the artist, Muzz

This artist now goes by the name Neonpossum, please see the updated article.

Wingedwolf, also known as 'Dogisdead', is an anthro artist from North Wales, UK.

Wingedwolf has been taking art commissions since 2003, and continues to do so.

His first convention attended was Confuzzled in Manchester in 2008. This was his first experience dealing his art and enjoyed the direct contact with his commissioners.

'Bran' (Welsh for raven), a grey wolf has been his fursona since 2005 and has changed very little. He considers himself a wolf therianthrope, rather than a furry. Wingedwolf has other characters which he uses to represent himself, such as Marcos the nubian goat, but Bran continues to be his 'main'. Bran can be portrayed as a winged wolf, a werewolf, a regular grey wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf.