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Jumpy (born 1972), is a furry musician. He has worked on staff for Eurofurence.[citation needed]


Jumpy is a composer and performer of numerous furry-themed songs, including Dragon Fire. He was co-producer of the Furry Fantasies II CD, providing much of the equipment to record the CD. He is a member of the Furry Music Foundation.


  • Dragon Fire - Dragon Fire was recorded in 1998. Unlike many of his songs, which are typically (but not universally) lyricless and of classical style, Dragon Fire is blatantly lustful.
The song's style is also unusual: A show tune. Opening and closing on a piano, a wide variety of instruments were used in the song, to create the illusion of an old-timey theatre band; the song is fast-paced, as suits the lyrics. One reviewer called it a "sexual power ballad;" another applauded it for having created "the first-ever cognitive link in [his] mind between furry porn and Broadway."
The lyrics are lustful, then longing, as the singer first describes a passionate night's tryst, then the memory. The lyrics are purposefully vague, using "I," "you," and "we" to; indeed, only one line even mentions the species of the lost lover. Thus, many furs can relate to the song; it does not mention the gender or species of the singer, or the gender of the dragon, so it can apply to many people, regardless of phenotype, gender, or gender orientation.
The song is available in two different versions on Fur Affinity. The original version, which was recorded for Furry Fantasies II can be found here. The original is available, as well as much more of Jumpy's music at his page of The Furry Music Foundation. The other version which was recorded live at Eurofurence 13 for The Fauna Project can be found here. The song's lyrics of the song are also available on furry.de (Here).
  • Winged Angels. Winged Angels was recorded in 2001. The song, which is inspired by a story called "Learning to Fly",[citation needed] concerns a bat and a mustelid, who were a mated pair. The bat, female, was killed some months before the song; the male is the singer, mourning his lost love, and dreaming of the day they can be together in heaven.
One of the notable points of the song was that the killer acted through fear, not hate: "He had a gun, and yet he was / Afraid of me. Throughout the rest of the song, he never blames the killer for taking her away from him; he only asks his wife, in lyrics, why he can't be with her.
Jumpy, himself, has stated he does not remember for certain who wrote the story that inspired the song, or where he read it -- only the story. Learning to Fly, was written by James Charles Lynn, with four illustrations by Zjonni. It was featured in four parts across YARF issues 26-29.
The only electronic recording of this song, a MP3 available at the Furry Music Foundation, had a glitch that caused the audio to be recorded at a much lower volume than normal. For this reason, the lyrics (excluding the chorus) can be difficult to understand.
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