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Brace Bear (also known as J.R. Schnauzer, Halvdan, and Windsor Wolf) is a photographer and fursuiter who lives in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. He is staff for Megaplex and volunteers at Elliott's Live Events. Brace Bear also is an occasional puppeteer on the Funday PawPet Show.


Brace Bear has four fursuits currently, each with very distinct personalities.

Brace Bear at Anthrocon 2007.
  • Brace Bear
Brace is a brown bear, who, in his own words, wants "world peace, honey, and an occasional challenge to try and topple the 'Master of the forest.'" Brace was made by Arend Studios, and his first appearance was at Megaplex in 2005.
  • J.R. Schnauzer
J.R. is a schnauzer, sporting that breed's distinctive wispy eyebrows and beard-like whiskers. He loves a good skritch behind the ear, and is super friendly. J.R. Schnauzer was made by MixedCandy and premiered at FWA 2006.
Halvdan at MFF 2006's Country Fur Pageant.
  • Halvdan
Halvdan is another dog character. Sometimes referred to as "The Big Red Dog"), his name is Scandinavian for "formidable warrior". Halvdan has a bit of a mean streak and likes to look for ways to cause trouble. Halvdan was made by Lacy and debuted at MFF 2006.
  • Windsor Wolf
Windsor Wolf is Brace Bear's newest friend, that he adopted in 2008. Windsor was made by Lacy and debuted at AC 2008. Windsor was named named after the royal castle, Windsor believes he is descended from royal blood, and unfortunately acts accordingly sometimes. Windsor was once quoted:

"What can I say, I'm told I'm a descendant of royal blood. *stands regally on hind paws* I'm in charm school now, learning to be regal, but still slip into vagrant street hound occasionally, rousing with common riff-raff. Don't try and feed me table scraps, I'm so far above that. Now, stop wasting my time, and move along. ......"


Brace and/or his friends have attended the following conventions.

  • Listed in Alphabetical order for convenience.

Brace enjoys taking photographs at conventions and posts them to his photosite a.s.a.p. Brace and his buddies also enjoy being photographed and love to ham it up for photographers.

Funday PawPet Show[edit]

  • Brace is an occasional puppeteer for the PawPet Show with his 3 puppets Ying/Yang, JR Junior, and Bi-polar Bear, also known as 'Bit Bear'.
  • His Brace Bear, J.R. Schnauzer, and Halvdan fursuits have all appeared as "subservient furries" on the show.



  1. Brace Bear & friends FPS clips, on Youtube:

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