Wilza Sycorax

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Wilza Lofty Sycorax.

Wilza Lofty Sycorax, also known as Xevious (real name Willard Dacion), is a furry who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Wilza's fursona, created in 2010, is a folf (fox/wolf hybrid) with long black hair. He has dark fur, with a light chest pattern/coloration. He has heterochromia iridum; his left eye is blue and his right eye is green.

Wilza has no usual attire as he tends to fluctuate between gothic, formal, militaristic, and feminine clothing. When wearing his summer gothic attire, it is easy to see his tattoo/airbrush of the vévé of Simbi Y-An-Kitha on his back.


Wilza's hobbies include Live Action Role-Playing (such as SwordCraft Live Battles and IRL Shooter "Patient 0" events), chainmail crafting, cross-dressing, and cosplaying

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