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Willowfall (a.k.a. Willow, Katringa, Kitty, Shaylene) is an artist and fursuiter from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where she is a part of the Vancouver Island Furs. Her fursona is an androgynous fawn-coloured Somali cat with medium-length fur. In artwork, she usually depicts herself and others in quad form.

As of 2008, Willowfall is attending high school, and wears her cat ears to school. When at home, she spends her free time drawing, sewing (clothing, fursuit parts and plushies), and using her computer. She also enjoys anime and attends Victoria's anime convention every year, where she is usually dressed as a cat.

Outside of furry activities she loves music, raving, camping and video games.

She adores fursuits and is working on her own (a cougar).