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Willow Run is the setting for a large body of work by the artist Taral Wayne. It is an alternate history, diverging from ours in several ways:

  1. The world of WR is inhabited by a number of non-human beings, and has always been. (Gamins, and Xspirits to name two.)
  2. There is limited and as yet undefined contact with extraterrestrials. (Teh Langgi, Kjola, and others.)
  3. Purely human history in WR departs from ours starting in 1812, when Napoleon is killed in the retreat from Moscow. The British, freed from the Napoleonic Wars, concludes a peace in the War of 1812 in a far stronger position. The United States is confined to the coast and south. There are four "Canadas" in the present. A Dominion of Canada that comprises the Great Lakes Basin and Missouri River & Ohio watersheds. A Dominion of New Albion on the west coast, and Acadia. In addition there is the Republic du Quebec, Texaca, and from 1873 an independent Confederacy.

The story world takes its name from the small town of Willow Run in the Dominion of Canada.

Willow Run is a small town of around 10,000 within Taral Wayne's alternate history setting, also named Willow Run.

The town is in a part of the country which in the real world corresponds to West Virginia, and in the alternate history is part of the Dominion of Canada, not very far from Ft. Duquesne (Pittsburgh). It is the home of the artist Taral Wayne and his protégé Saara Mar. Haven from "the rat race" has been provided in WR for many of their friends and acquaintances, including a number of furry artists.

A children's book "Wendy & the House Gamins" would take place in Willow Run should the artist/author ever manage to write it.