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Ashtoreth, or just Ashy, full Ashtoreth W. Haas, also known as Ashtoreth Hostility and Prickvixen, is a furry artist.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Ashtoreth was one of the founders of FurryMUCK at the Furry Home at Squirrel Hill, and laid out the geography of its central regions. Ashtoreth, with the other FurryMUCK creators, was named as a Guest of Honor at ConFurence 9 (1998), although she did not attend.

She removed all her furry artwork from the net some years prior to 2005, and was listed in the Herpy Reference Archive's Do Not Post list.


She is responsible for coining the furspeech term "prickvixen", used to refer to a hermaphroditic fox, but also to a transgendered or she-male fox.

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